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Bakery Goedhart | Taylor-made mould for a luxury Woodland cake

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Mar 28th, 2022 | Food


The cooperation between Bakkerij Goedhart and Nedupack Thermoforming started with a design for a heart-shaped cake. This initial collaboration was quickly followed by a sequel. Together with Nedupack, Goedhart made  a unique piece of pastry art: the famous woodland cake. Thanks to several successes Nedupack has been  Goedhart’s faithful packaging partner for a number of years. 


As a specialist in thermoforming and customised and protective packaging, Nedupack is also indispensable in the baking world. But how do you apply thermoforming in the world of cakes, pastries and bread? And why does Goedhart continue to choose Nedupack as its packaging partner? You can read all about thermoforming and this successful collaboration in this case study. 


Consumer research for new pastry boxes

In cooperation with a large Dutch supermarket chain, Bakkerij Goedhart conducted a consumer survey. How do we switch from plastic pastry packaging to traditional pastry boxes with a window? The term ‘pastry interiors’ soon came up. Pastry interiors are the trays on which a freshly made pastry is placed before going into the pastry box. For the development of these interiors, the supermarket chain put out a tender to various suppliers. Nedupack took part in this tender and were successful , we developed no fewer than 14 samples and won the tender. Thanks to our fast internal  communication and advanced technology, we were able to develop these  samples quickly. 

One of Nedupack ‘s biggest  advantage is that they have everything under one roof. From 3D drawings to full production. So  they can deliver results quickly. This in turn supports our quick communication and performance with our customers. – Goedhart Bakery


How does thermoforming work in the baking world?

Thermoforming is a technique where by extruded plastic material is shaped using heat and vacuum. This technique is particularly useful for packaging used for items such as cakes, pastries and chocolates.  Tailor-made packaging for every cake!


The diagram below demonstrates the thermoforming process.


About Goedhart Bakery 

Goedhart Bakery is a family run business which was established in 1895. Goedhart bake fresh bread and patisseries daily which is then delivered to  their customers. Goedhart operates under 4 business entities : Goedhart Borgesius, Goedhart Convenience, Goedhart Bread & Specialties and Goedhart Patisserie. Each entities has their own retailers, ensuring that tasty wraps, beautiful pies,  pastries or freshly baked bread end up in the consumers’ m

ouths. And that makes us happy! 


From real tree bark to cake mould; The woodland cake

Goedhart bakes treats for the festive season every year. In 2019 Goedhart came up with the idea of baking the now famous woodland cake for Christmas . In the United Kingdom, this cake is ‘hot and happening’ every year at Christmas. The woodland cake is famous for its special exterior: the look and feel of real tree bark. Goedhart wanted to surprise Dutch consumers with this luxury cake too. But, how do you develop a cake that looks like a tree trunk and is tasty at the same time?


How the woodland cake happened 

Goedhart called on us to help design and develop the woodland cake. For Goedhart we have become more than ‘a packaging producer’. For Goedhart our creative people are a great added value, a real creative asset who think with them. One day the pâtissier from Goedhart walked into our factory with a piece of tree bark in his hand and said  ‘This is what our woodland cake should look like!’

With our advanced techniques we transformed this piece of bark into a plastic cake mould with the real bark affect. A great result!