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Nedupack packaging nominated for NL Packaging Awards

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May 2nd, 2019 | Nedupack Thermoforming B.V.


The NL Packaging Awards will be presented for the fourth time on 16 May 2019. These are the ultimate trade awards in the packaging industry. The best packages gain a prestigious award in 13 categories. This year has seen the nomination of two packages on which Nedupack has cooperated with success.


There were no fewer than 141 entries for the ‘Innovative packaging & packaging materials’ category. In the end it was the Everyday IceCake packaging that took the nomination for one of the prestigious awards. We had worked alongside DiDutch, Boermarke & Rob Schildkamp to devise packaging to make the Everyday IceCake stand out among so many standardised frozen products. The photo below shows the Everyday IceCake.



The Beemster Wood cheese cubes packaging was nominated in the ‘Food Fresh’ category. Like Beemster (Cono), here at Nedupack we’re really proud of the ultimate result.


The overall winners will be announced on Thursday, 16 May 2019. You can order your tickets here if you would like to attend the Packaging Awards. Naturally we are hoping fervently that the Everyday IceCake or the Beemster cheese cubes will take the awards.