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Taylor-made mould for a luxury Woodland cake in collaboration with Bakery Goedhart

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Dec 17th, 2020 | Nedupack Thermoforming B.V.


In collaboration with and on behalf of Bakery Goedhart we have developed a taylor-made plastic mould for a luxury Woodland cake,  shown in the image below. Bakery Goedhart has adapted recipes from various Woodland cakes from the United Kingdom into a recipe for the Dutch market.


However, they had a special demand for the development of the Woodland cake. They wanted to make  a cake with bark, a cake where even the annual rings would be visible. We came into contact with each other , discussed the possibilities and after internal consultations  we  decided to take up the challenge.


How did we approach this?


The master pastry chef of Bakkerij Goedhart choose a piece of tree bark from a forrest and brought it to Nedupack Thermoforming. We then scanned this piece of tree bark with the aid of our 3D scanner, this gave us the bark contours that  we could use in our production mould. It was a success!  Thanks to the production mould we developed, Goedhart Bakery is able to make their authentic Woodland Cake.


We were delighted to participate in such a special and very cool project!


And the result is impressive …..


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