NedupackHow we work - Nedupack Thermoforming is a specialist in packaging, protecting and presenting your products.

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We create distinctive consumer packaging which makes your product stand out more

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Your product safely and attractively presented in packaging which we develop with you

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We develop and produce a safe and user-friendly packaging solution for your product

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We develop transport and handling trays which protect your products and optimise logistics.

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Industrial - How we work

From concept to production: our approach in 5 steps

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Here at Nedupack Thermoforming, we are known for working quickly, efficiently and transparently. The personal touch is paramount. By asking the right questions, together we find the best possible solution for your product.


Before we start thermoforming or vacuum forming the plastic packaging, we work through a process with you. This ensures that the packaging is the perfect fit for your product. There are 5 simple steps to this process.

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We work with you to identify your wishes and requirements.

Together with you, we identify the best possible solution for your plastic packaging. We discuss your personal wishes and requirements and make sure they are fulfilled. Needless to say, we support you with professional advice. What ideas do you have for your packaging? Which are the best types of plastic for your packaging? And what, for you, is the optimum processing and logistics process? Together with you, we work through these and other questions before we begin thermoforming your packaging.

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Our designers transform your wishes and requirements into a 3D drawing

In this step, our designers develop a detailed 3D design. The design gives you a feel for your packaging. If necessary, we make adjustments to this design, so that we end up with the perfect packaging solution.

“We relieve you of any concerns you may have about your packaging. At Nedupack, we are a one-stop shop!”

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In our in-house tool making workshop, we first mill a prototype tool for you, then a production tool

When you are happy with the 3D design, we mill a production tool for you in our own tool making workshop. There’s no need for you to find a partner to develop a tool. We carefully polish and inspect your tool, so that we can be certain that the final production stage is fast, efficient and accurate.

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Our extensive and modern machinery ensures an efficient and flexible production process

As soon as the tool has been developed and the production process worked out, we start thermoforming or vacuum forming the plastic packaging. Our machinery is available 24 hours a day, so we can guarantee fast delivery.

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We package your products securely and efficiently, making them ready for transport

As soon as the packaging comes off the machine, we carefully pack it. We make sure that your products are packaged as securely and efficiently as possible. We then deliver them to the location of your choice. We will even store your products if you’d like us to. Leave it to us to take care of all your packaging needs!