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Jul 18th, 2022 | Food

Nedupack is a thermoforming specialist which has many years of experience with customised and protective packaging. This  is also helpful in the world of sweets, treats and candies.  


But what role does thermoforming play in the development of sweet packaging? And how does Nedupack achieve sustainable plastic packaging options which also look attractive to the consumer? In this case study  you can read about thermoforming and the strong cooperation between Look-O-Look and Nedupack.


The (time) efficiency of thermoforming

We have a solid, constant cooperation with Look-O-Look and have already successfully developed many packs for them. Look-O-Look always review all packaging methods  when developing a new concept. Options such as thermoformed packs, injection moulded packs and cardboard packs are frequently chosen.  If a thermoformed options  is the best match for the concept, then Look-O-Look knock on our door.

The advantage to using thermoforming is that it allows us to make samples quickly which Look -O Look can fill and line – test. At Look-O-Look, sweets such as the mini sushi candy box are filled manually 


How does thermoforming work in the world of sweets?

Thermoforming is a technique whereby extruded  plastic is shaped using heat and vacuum. This method lends itself to making a variety of forms for custom, tailor made sweet packaging. 


About international candy specialist Look-O-Look

You’ve probably seen them and most likely eaten them! the sour mats, red candy laces and dynamite sticks. All of these colourful, sweet candy items are part of Look-O-Look’s assortment. Look-O-Look has a creative position in the market. Various departments within Look-O-Look are constantly looking for and working on new and  innovative candy concepts. This leads to successful and popular supermarket products such as  the candy burger and the mini-sushi box

"Nedupack consistently delivers high quality parts . We never experience any issues with this." - Look-O-Look

Top quality for a small price

A collaboration for a new creative concept always starts with an idea, an account manager from Look-O-Look draws inspiration from the market and determines what he wants to make into a candy product. Before Look-O-Look comes to us, they first go through some  internal processes. Who is the right supplier for this? Who can we bounce ideas off about the new concept? And do we opt for cardboard , plastic or another type of packaging? 

The aesthetics of the pack is also an important factor in the material  choice for the pack. For these products the option of transparent plastic is a big advantage , the parts are visible in the packaging so the customer easily sees the candy. Because Look-O-Look distinguishes itself through creativity, the look of the pack  is extremely important, a thermoformed pack is often the preferred option . This ensures that the packaged candy is clearly visible to the consumer (and the child ☺) and it is a cost effective solution.  

You can also opt for injection moulding, but then you quickly end up with an investment between 20,000 and 40,000 euros. For us, an investment at Nedupack is often between 1,000 and 10,000 euros. So, much better value! and this never detracts from the quality. – Look-O-Look


Adding to each other’s knowledge

Look-O-Look has important wishes and many great ideas for the market. And as thermoforming specialists, we know all the possibilities in development and production. Look-O-Look has a lot of packaging knowledge, this , coupled with our thermoforming expertise makes this  an excellent collaboration  

We are now working together on the development of a sandwich packaging for a  candy sandwich. The challenge is to guarantee that the pack is airtight and an attractive consumer package. As well as an eye catching design we need to think about:

  • Effective  closure.
  • Prevent superfluous packaging material.
  • The practical design of the candy, so that the sandwich does not fall over.
  • Easy to fill.

Improving sustainability together

We are also sparring partners when it comes to sustainable  packaging materials. Together with Look-O-Look, we regularly analyse the production process to see what could be done differently and more sustainably.


Why are we a preferred supplier for Look-O-Look?

We believe that open and honest communication produces the best results for everyone. This definitely applies to Nedupack and Look-O-Look. As a result, they always knock on our door for a new request. We are also  located close to Look-O-Look so exchanging ideas ,  design discussions and samples are quickly and easily arranged 

In addition, our R&D department can quickly  produce 3D drawings. This ensures that Look-O-Look can rapidly respond to trends in the market which are  important to them. 

Another supplier can of course come to us, but Nedupack is here within 10 minutes. Because we have to be creative and flexible in our production and have to move  quickly. Nedupack is the perfect fit for this. They have the capacity to deliver a fast and creative solution. – Look-O-Look