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Nedupack invests in a new machine to make stacking more efficient

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May 23rd, 2022 | Nedupack

‘With the delivery of our newest  Kiefel KMD 78.1 Speed thermoforming machine, we can produce our customised packaging even faster and parts can be stacked more efficiently. With this, we take another big step towards providing a faster and efficient service to our customers. Our new acquisition has is now fully installed and running at full speed.


What is Kiefel KMD 78.1 Speed?

The Kiefel KMD 78.1 Speed is a thermoforming machine for the manufacture of plastic packaging food and non-food sectors. In addition to PET, the machine can also thermoform materials such as PLA, HDPE, PP and PS. This enables us to offer maximum flexibility to our customers.

First, the plastic sheet is  heated, formed and then punched out in the punching station. There are two punching stations for products that require secondary punching. This is useful for parts that require extra holes or cutting at different levels. The diagram below shows the forming and cutting process

What does the Kiefel KMD 78.1 Speed give us?

In addition to more efficient stacking, the Kiefel KMD 78.1 Speed enables us to handle larger volumes. The machine can process an additional 20 tonnes of film per week. This helps us to be competitive in today’s tough market conditions

With our current machines we needed to retro fit automated pick and place robots once the machines were installed. However on the  Kiefel KMD 78.1 Speed the pick and place robots are fully integrated and so additional fitting is not required.

More about Kiefel

Kiefel, are based in Freilassing Germany, and are a market leader in the field of design and manufacture of, among other things, plastic processing machines. Nedupack has worked with this reliable technology partner for more than 35 years. We are proud of this collaboration, it improves our competitiveness, efficiency and flexibility

‘One of the biggest strengths of having all Kiefel machines is ability to quickly and easily move tools from one machine to another . This flexibility allows us to offer a fast, efficient service to meet the needs of our customers’’ says Jhon Bollen.