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Nedupack develops child-proof blister pack for tablets

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Mar 21st, 2019 | Pharma


Here at Nedupack we have recently been working hard on the development of a new blister packaging solution for tablets. Nedupack has more than 25 years experience in the design and production of (child-proof) blister packaging for tablets and are considered to be an experts in our field. Every year we develop about 20 types of blister packaging for tablets. To date we have already developed more than 200 (child-proof) packs.


The child-proof element of this blister packaging is precisely what makes it so special; this packaging ensures that children can’t get their hands on the tablets. Young children often put all kinds of objects in their mouths. To prevent them doing this with tablets that may be harmful to their health, this kind of blister packaging is the ideal solution. It ensures that tablets are packaged safely and not mistaken for sweets or other food. The safe packaging of these medicines is also required by law!


Ultrasonic welding


To prevent children from getting their hands on these tablets, we have developed a blister pack that ensures that the tablet strips are safely “locked in”. A technique called “ultrasonic welding” is used to weld the blister pack and tablet strips together, whereby two plastic surfaces are completely fused together using high frequency sound vibrations. In the image below you can see both the tablet strip and the child-proof packaging.

The tablet strips for which the blister packs are made are usually made of PVC or PP. To ensure that the blister packs can actually be properly welded to those strips, the blister pack must be made of the same type of plastic.


The process: developing blister packaging


The process kicks off when our customers send us their tablet strips; we then design and develop the ideal blister pack. Once we have come up with a suitable design and produced a 3D drawing and prototype, we then make a production mould in our own mould-making facility. Following the customer’s approval, we get to work on the production. Once the packaging has been produced it is delivered to our customer, who then ensures that the blister packaging is welded to the tablet using the “ultrasonic welding” technique. In the photo below you can see the mould that is used for this process. Upon request, we can also produce these moulds for our customers. They can then use this mould to weld the blister packaging onto the tablet strips in the right way.



(Source picture: MPA Pharma)


At the end of the process we are always very proud of the result, and also pleased that we have been able to ensure that tablets are packed in safe and child-proof packaging.