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Customised blister packs

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Customised blister packs


If you are seeking a packaging solution for your product, Nedupack has the answer. Among other things, we develop customised blister packs. By responding to your needs and requirements, we ensure that our blister packs form a perfect match for your products. In this way, products are packaged in an attractive, safe and effective manner. Products are distinguished from the many standardised forms of food packaging and are not damaged in transit.


What makes us unique is that we work through the entire process with you. As well as being able to take care of the entire process, we involve you in every step of that process. As a result, you (and we) can be certain that the packaging will ultimately be a perfect fit for your products.

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Development of blister packs: the process at Nedupack  


At Nedupack, we guide our customers from A to Z through the development of their blister packs. In the first phase, we define your needs and requirements. Our own design team then starts work on developing a 3D design. You can assess this design, after which we refine it. As soon as customers approve the 3D design, we create a mould in our own mould production facility. Customers then have a mould that can always be re-used. This is followed by the actual production. The blister packs are carefully packaged and delivered to your location. 


Which plastics do we use?


Much of the packaging that we develop consists of 70 to 80% recycled material. In this way, we try to make our contribution to a better environment. In the case of blister packs, we also use different types of packaging. We provide you with appropriate advice, depending on your product. 




Would you like to know more about customised blister packs? Or do you have other questions? Please feel free to contact us via our contact form, by calling +31 (0)26 4950575 or sending an e-mail to info@nedupack.nl.

Working method

From concept to production: our approach in 5 steps

Working method

Step 1

We work with you to identify your requirements and needs

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Step 2

Our designers translate your requirements and needs into a 3D drawing

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Nedupack Design Consumer

Step 3

We mill a prototype for you in our own mould production facility, followed by a production mould

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Nedupack Matrijzen Medical

Step 4

Our extensive modern machinery ensures an efficient and flexible production process

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Nedupack Productie

Step 5

We package your products safely and efficiently so that these are ready for transport

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Would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact us. Call us on +31 (0)26 4950575 or send an e-mail to info@nedupack.nl.

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