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Nedupack Thermoforming — Food

Safe and attractive packaging for your product, co-developed with you


Nedupack Thermoforming — Consumer

We create distinctive consumer packaging that increases the impact of your product


Nedupack Thermoforming — Pharma

We develop and produce a safe and user-friendly packaging solution for your product

Nedupack Thermoforming — Industrial

We develop transport and handling trays to protect your product and optimise the logistics process


Nedupack Thermoforming

Thermoforming in the Netherlands and Germany


Nedupack Thermoforming has been active in the plastic packaging world since 1988. We are the specialist in customised packaging and protective packaging for all your products. We use ‘thermoforming technology’ to ensure that our packaging is a perfect match for your product and requirements. From the first design, prototype and production matrix to the total production: we have everything in house to achieve distinctive and customised plastic packaging. This makes us creative, flexible, fast and efficient. We also adopt a personal approach, work in a transparent way and offer sound advice.


From the Arnhem region (the Netherlands) and Sonsbeck (Germany) we serve customers throughout Europe. We focus on the consumer market, food sector, pharmaceutical sector and the industrial sector.

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Thermoforming: the technology explained. What is thermoforming actually? 


Our explanation of this can be found below:


Thermoforming (also known as vacuum forming or deep drawing) is a technology in which plastic, in film or sheeting, is heated to 125 degrees Celsius. Once this temperature has been reached, the plastic can be formed. A mould or template is used to form the plastic into your final packaging.

At Nedupack we invest in knowledge and technology. We have all the latest equipment needed to develop and produce packaging. Our extensive range of machinery and our own mould production facility enable us to offer everything under one roof. We help you from A to Z!

How we work You can read more about our working method here.


Thermoforming: what kinds of products do we make? 


At Nedupack Thermoforming, we focus on four different sectors, namely:

  • The consumer market
  • The food sector
  • The pharmaceutical sector
  • Industry.

Within these sectors we provide customised solutions for many different customers.


Consumer packaging:


The products we develop and produce within the consumer market include blister packs, clamshell packaging, counter displays, cosmetic displays and luxury box interiors from various types of plastic and in different colours.  We offer customised solutions to all our customers, translating your requirements into the best possible packaging. Read more about consumer packaging here.


Food packaging:


You see food packaging everywhere in various shapes and sizes. Nedupack custom-made packaging ensures that your product will stand out among the multitude of standardised food packaging solutions. Whether you’re seeking food and vegetable packaging, chocolate packaging, fish trays, meat trays or sweet packaging, we’ll develop and produce customised packaging for you from a wide range of recyclable and/or compostable materials, ensuring a perfect match for your product Read more about our food sector products.


Pharmaceutical packaging:


Packaging solutions within the pharmaceutical sector include medicine packaging, packaging for hygiene products or other medical equipment. At Nedupack we’d be delighted to work with you to create a safe and user-friendly packaging solution for your product. Read more about packaging for the pharmaceutical sector.


Industrial packaging:


Are you looking for safe transport and/or storage, for one or multiple products, in various shapes and sizes and with or without anti-static protection? We’d be delighted to work with you to develop and produce the most efficient packaging solution for your product.

This can be in different thicknesses and using materials with different properties, with the aim of protecting your product and ensuring an optimised logistics process. Read more about packaging for the industrial sector.


Do you have any questions? Or would you like to receive more information?


We’d be delighted to help you find the right packaging solution. We’re happy to help either by telephone or in person. Please contact us using the form below, by telephone on +3126-4950575 or via info@Nedupack.nl

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