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PP plastic packaging

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PP plastic packaging


At Nedupack Thermoforming, we develop packaging made of polypropylene (PP). PP is a type of plastic that is just a little different from A-PET and PS plastic. PP is softer than A-PET and PS. We also make fully customised packaging from PP. Together with you, we consider which type of plastic is required or which best suits your products. Would you like to know more about our customised packaging? Please feel free to contact us. Simply send us a WhatsApp message and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Properties of PP plastic


As already mentioned, PP plastic differs from e.g. A-PET and PS plastic. Every type of plastic has its own characteristics. The characteristics of PP plastic are presented below:


  • PP plastic is a softer type of plastic than A-PET and PS;
  • PP plastic is easy to seal;
  • PP is available in every possible colour, in both translucent and opaque versions;
  • PP has good barrier properties.


The only disadvantage of PP is that it is less easy to form than A-PET and PS. In practice, however, this never causes any real problems.


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Nedupack working method


When we develop packaging, this involves customisation in almost every case. Precisely how do we address this? During an initial intake meeting, we discuss your needs and requirements. Our designers translate these needs and requirements in a 3D drawing. In this way, you already gain a realistic idea of the packaging. We then create a mould in our own mould production facility. In the first instance, this is a model, followed by a production mould. We then progress to the actual production. With the aid of our extensive and modern machinery, we ensure that production runs flexibly and efficiently. Finally, we carefully pack your packaging ready for shipment. You remain closely involved throughout this process, so that we can make timely adjustments if necessary. 


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Would you like to know more about Nedupack Thermoforming or the types of plastic that we use? Please feel free to call us on +31 (0)26 4950575 or send an e-mail to info@nedupack.nl.

Working method

From concept to production: our approach in 5 steps

Working method

Step 1

We work with you to identify your requirements and needs

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Step 2

Our designers translate your requirements and needs into a 3D drawing

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Nedupack Design Consumer

Step 3

We mill a prototype for you in our own mould production facility, followed by a production mould

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Nedupack Matrijzen Medical

Step 4

Our extensive modern machinery ensures an efficient and flexible production process

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Nedupack Productie

Step 5

We package your products safely and efficiently so that these are ready for transport

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Would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact us. Call us on +31 (0)26 4950575 or send an e-mail to info@nedupack.nl.

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