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Vacuum forming: customised packaging

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We have been developing customised packaging for over 25 years. We do this by reforming plastic to form the final packaging. Vacuum forming is one of the technologies we use to form plastic. Many people use the terms vacuum forming and thermoforming interchangeably. But how does vacuum forming work and what products can we develop using vacuum forming? We’ve provided an explanation below.

More information about vacuum forming.

How does vacuum forming work?


Vacuum forming is a technology in which plastic is heated to 125 degrees Celsius, which makes the plastic easy to process. The plastic used is always in film or sheet form. When the plastic is heated to 125 degrees Celsius, it can be formed into any required shape. At Nedupack we produce a personal mould for you. This ensures that the plastic is formed exactly as you had in mind.


And because we develop the mould ourselves, we can provide you with the best packaging solution for your products. We develop customised packaging for the consumer market, the food sector, the pharmaceutical industry and the industrial sector.


Our own machinery and design team


At Nedupack Thermoforming, we provide our customers a total service from A to Z. Speed, efficiency and flexibility are key in this, which is why we are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our knowledge and technology. We have the latest machinery, our own mould production facility and our own design team. This enables us to offer our customers customised packaging solutions.


Products made using vacuum forming


As already stated, we almost always develop customised packaging, which is why we do not offer a standard range of packaging. We have developed various packaging solutions in the past, including chocolate packaging, fish trays, plastic trays, cushions, counter displays, blister packsfruit and vegetable packaging, and packaging for personal hygiene items or other medical equipment.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options for customised packaging.




If you have any questions, or you’d like to know more about vacuum forming, please contact us via WhatsApp, our contact form or info@nedupack.nl.

Working method

From concept to production: our approach in 5 steps

Working method

Step 1

We work with you to identify your requirements and needs

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Step 2

Our designers translate your requirements and needs into a 3D drawing

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Nedupack Design Consumer

Step 3

We mill a prototype for you in our own mould production facility, followed by a production mould

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Nedupack Matrijzen Medical

Step 4

Our extensive modern machinery ensures an efficient and flexible production process

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Nedupack Productie

Step 5

We package your products safely and efficiently so that these are ready for transport

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