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Nedupack has been a producer of blister packs and other packaging for over 25 years. We focus on four different sectors: the food sector, the pharmaceutical industry, the consumer market and the industrial sector. As well as being a blister pack producer, we also design customised blister packs, which enables us to meet all your specific preferences and requirements. For instance, if your products need secure and protective packaging for transport, we’ll modify the packaging accordingly. Do you want your products to stand out among the many standardised food packaging solutions? We’ll work with you to develop the most suitable packaging solution. As we’re able to offer everything under one roof (design, mould production facility, production), you can leave the entire production of your blister packs in our capable hands.

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Blister pack production: the process

As producer of blister packs, we run through the entire process with you. The first step in this process is to map out your preferences and requirements for your customised blister packs. We then translate these preferences and requirements into a preliminary design and accompanying 3D model. Once you’ve approved the 3D model, we develop a prototype so you can decide whether the packaging is a good match for your product. If the prototype meets your approval, we create a mould in our own mould production facility, after which we start production. Would you like to know more? Read more about our working method below.


Material for blister packs

Blister packs come in various shapes and sizes, and can be made using different types of plastic. The type of plastic we use for a blister pack depends entirely on the product and the customer preferences. We tend to use PET, PP, PE and PS plastics frequently. If you’d like to know more about the different types of plastic, please click on the links.



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Working method

From concept to production: our approach in 5 steps

Working method

Step 1

We work with you to identify your requirements and needs

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Step 2

Our designers translate your requirements and needs into a 3D drawing

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Nedupack Design Consumer

Step 3

We mill a prototype for you in our own mould production facility, followed by a production mould

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Nedupack Matrijzen Medical

Step 4

Our extensive modern machinery ensures an efficient and flexible production process

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Nedupack Productie

Step 5

We package your products safely and efficiently so that these are ready for transport

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