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Product packaging at Nedupack   


Product packaging is available in all types, shapes and sizes. This includes blister packs, transport trays, box interiors, clamshells and fruit and vegetable packaging. This is just a small selection of the possibilities that Nedupack offers. That is because at Nedupack Thermoforming, we develop and produce entirely customised plastic product packaging.


We do this by making use of thermoforming technology. Here we heat the plastic to a certain temperature so that we can then form it into every required shape. We focus on the food sector, the industrial sector, the pharmaceutical sector and the consumer market.


Our ultimate aim is to take all worries off your hands and to create product packaging that increases the attention value and safety of your product(s).

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Product packaging working method 


We run through a number of steps with you in order to ultimately realise the perfect product packaging. We first define your needs and requirements for the packaging. On the basis of those needs and requirements, our design team starts work on a 3D model. Once you have accepted this 3D model, we progress to the production of a prototype. The prototype gives you a clear idea of the workability of the packaging. If the prototype is also satisfactory, we move on to the final production. In our own mould production facility, we create a production mould and the packaging is then produced with our own machinery. The packaging is delivered to the location you require. 


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Types of plastic 


Every type of plastic is different and has unique properties. This also means that one type of plastic will be more suitable for certain products than others. At Nedupack, we primarily use PET (R-PET and A-PET), PE, PS, PP and PLA. Depending on your requirements and the product, we decide which type of plastic will be used. 




Would you like to know more about our customised product packaging? Then please feel free to contact us. You can do this by calling +31 (0)26 4950575, sending a WhatsApp message or sending an e-mail to info@nedupack.nl.

Working method

From concept to production: our approach in 5 steps

Working method

Step 1

We work with you to identify your requirements and needs

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Step 2

Our designers translate your requirements and needs into a 3D drawing

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Nedupack Design Consumer

Step 3

We mill a prototype for you in our own mould production facility, followed by a production mould

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Nedupack Matrijzen Medical

Step 4

Our extensive modern machinery ensures an efficient and flexible production process

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Nedupack Productie

Step 5

We package your products safely and efficiently so that these are ready for transport

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Would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact us. Call us on +31 (0)26 4950575 or send an e-mail to info@nedupack.nl.

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